Visualize ad server data in real-time to identify issues before your revenue is affected
Every minute of ad tag downtime or slow performance costs money
Our clients save up to 10% of monthly revenue by quickly reacting
to broken ad units and ad network issues.
Identify potential problems to avert revenue drops
Control every piece of your ad stack
Roxot connect directly to your ad server and allows to monitor:
  • Direct campaigns
  • Programmatic performance
  • Native & Video advertising
Monitor only what is important for you
Roxot Ad Server Monitoring is highly customizable tool that allows you to:
  • Build custom dashboards
  • Monitor a wide variety of ad server metrics from Code Served Count to Ad Server Downloaded Impressions
  • Segment data by Placements
React to unexpected changes in your performance
Roxot Ad Server Monitoring visualizes near real-time data to:
  • Minimize ad serving downtime
  • Identify root cause of a technical problem without the noise
  • Control direct campaigns pacing
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