Increase your adx revenue
Here is the product that took us 3 years of constant experiments
(we were an SSP, launched the first prebid.js analytics tool, developed dynamic price floors for header bidding, and introduced 3 more products for data analysis) to make it a reality.
Do these ring true for you?
I know some publishers use pricing rules to increase their AdX revenue.
I want to test different price floors too!
Damn, it takes an hour to create just 20 rules...
But how do I test multiple rules at the same time?
And how do I track results?
Well, I can't update these rules every hour! I have other stuff to do...
I'll tackle these pricing rules next Quarter when I have more time!
Well... You're just doing AdX optimization wrong!
For 6 months we have been developing Dynamic Prebid Floors tool that sets price floors for each user, for each bidder inside prebid.js. We achieved 25% revenue uplift for certain bidders but... turned out most of them DO NOT SUPPORT prebid.js price floor parameter.
We adapted our price floor technology to Google AdX so publishers still can benefit from what we have accomplished!
We are a small but mighty team of:

Data Scientists

AdTech Experts

with tons of experience in price floors, ad performance data, and revenue analytics.
We are the creators of:
You don't need an AdX API to edit pricing rules.
You need Roxot to make the most out of AdX.
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