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Get actionable recommendations for increasing your header bidding revenue
We partnered with the best-in-class Revenue Optimization specialists to offer you a unique opportunity - combine the power of Roxot Prebid Analytics with expertise of our partners to quickly improve your prebid.js performance. Just for $100.
Start your Q2 with prebid.js performing at 100%
We'll collect prebid.js data
We'll collect auction data for 1 million prebid.js impressions from 1 of your sites with Roxot Prebid Analytics.
Our partner will analyze it
Our Revenue Optimization partner will analyze your data and provide his expert opinion.
You'll profit
You'll receive a list of ready-to-implement recommendations for improving your header bidding revenue.
What kind of recommendations you'll get?
Depends on how bad your setup is... But in general, our AdOps partner will:
Conduct a general health check
Identify resellers or bidders that don't generate incremental value
Benchmark your bidders' performance against the programmatic market
Suggest new bidders that fit your site
Recommend the optimal timeout rate
Suggest bid adjustments based on the discrepancy report
Suggest the optimal bidder order strategy
and more...
How much is it?

Yes, that's it. Just one-time payment.
We are a small but mighty team of:

Data Scientists

AdTech Experts

with tons of experience in header bidding, ad performance data, and revenue analytics.
We are the creators of:
We partnered with the best-in-class Revenue Optimization Specialists to provide you with the data-driven insights you would otherwise never get access to.
How the process looks like
Installation of Roxot Prebid Analytics
Collection of 1million prebid.js impressions
Comparison of Revenue & Impressions with SSPs reports (optional)
Analysis by our Revenue Optimization Partner
Final recommendations
Why Roxot Prebid Analytics
Roxot Prebid Analytics is the first prebid.js analytics tool on the market. It provides clean client-side data about all prebid auctions running on the website and all demand partners participating. It allows you to monitor daily, hourly and real-time changes in the header bidding performance, uncover issues with prebid.js setup, and gain insights into increasing a website's revenue.
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