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We maximize your website revenue
& connect it with quality demand
Roxot is a header bidding solution and an official partner of Prebid - one of the most popular header bidding frameworks.
Besides providing high-quality demand, we help you quickly adapt to market conditions and maximize website revenue. Our technology optimizes auction mechanics by utilizing historical data to automatically price each impression so that CPMs reflect real demand for your inventory.

Publishers are the priority
Transparent Payment Terms
We promote transparency in the industry and charge neither you nor our partners any hidden fees.
Accurate Data-Driven Price Floors
We utilize historical data to dynamically set the optimal price floors for each auction. The technology is highly responsive, adapting in real-time with each new user and auction.
Responsive Support
Our Publisher Relationship Managers are always ready to answer your questions. We are also active on (u/roxot_team) and (@roxot_team). Feel free to contact us there too.
Complete Visibility into Performance
We provide you with actionable insights into what's getting the most revenue, which visitors you need to attract, what ad placements and sizes to use, and more.
Prebid Analytics by Roxot
Besides quality demand, you get actionable analytics that make your monetization strategy and ad stack optimization transparent. Sign up for Prebid Analytics by Roxot and monitor your header bidding performance for free - without subscriptions, upgrades, or any other payments.
Take your website monetization
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Get started quick and easily. Leave your contact information and our experts will work with you to understand your challenges, implement our Prebid adapter, and provide full tech-support along the way.
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