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Roxot Customer Success Stories

Read our customers' stories to learn why they love Roxot
"Roxot Revenue Lift is a lifesaver for us! Roxot's automated pricing pushes AdX to its limits and I can be sure that we're as efficient as possible. Now we're much closer to reaching our ambitious revenue goals!"
— Kapitanova Anastasia, Head of Programmatic & Data at Independent Media
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"We tried multiple providers but the impact that Roxot technology had on our ad stack was truly the most powerful ever"
— Director, QuizzStar
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"Roxot is the only company who was able to deliver great results. We highly recommend AdX publishers to use their service or at least start a trial to test the performance."
— Tal Hen, CEO, GoGy Games
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"… Roxot's team and technology have been an integral part of achieving a higher lift on our advertising rates by upwards of 30%. Their continued success within our network undoubtedly proves them to be a leader in this growing space…"
— Ryan Thompson, CEO, Pub Labs Inc.
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Evothink Media was observing positive revenue changes every day and reported a two-digit increase in monthly AdX revenue. Besides improving revenue per ad request, Roxot Revenue Lift increased the number of ad requests going to Header Bidding.
— Fabien Michel-Langlet, Founder at Evothink Media
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More companies who love Roxot
Zack Dugow
CEO at Insticator
Roxot develops the best in class technology for publishers. We use it daily to grow our business.
Bodhi Short
President at Cordless Media
It's great that there are so many demand partners these days to help increase revenue. However, every new partner is a new system that internally slows down the process and fragments reporting. So when you are trying to manage yield it makes it very difficult to get a full picture of who your best partners are and where it's best to allocate your inventory. Thanks to Roxot collecting & analyzing data became the most efficient part of our day. It gives us all the time to build new products, speak to customers, and find new problems to build solutions for, rather than making sure there are no lurking catastrophes.
Francesco Di Cataldo
CEO at
Roxot allows us to understand how the delivery is going, we have some discrepancies, but it was very hard to find where was the issue. Also, based on on the data from Prebid Analytics we changed the timeout of the bidding.
Jan van der Crabben
We've been using Roxot's Prebid Analytics from the very beginning when it was first launched. It's become a key part of our analytics toolset: We use it to monitor revenue and discrepancies for each of our partners. It has also enabled us to understand each of our partners' performance per device category and geo, which we have used to optimize which partners we call for the auction depending on the variables of each impression.

Additionally, we've used Roxot Data Hub to understand discrepancies, which we used to adjust bids of each of our partners based on their actual performance. Highly recommended!
Evgeniy Volnov
Media Director at
Collecting and analyzing ad performance data always consumed too much of our time. We build reports daily. So it took two hours of our teammate's time each day... And, of course, we were not able to visualize the data and present it in an easy-to-understand way on our own. So Roxot Data Hub saved us the enormous amount of time that we can now invest in other important tasks. Also, now we are able to see the big picture of our programmatic selling that helps us make the correct business decisions faster.