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We love high-quality demand

We are always looking for ways to connect our publishers with the best demand out there
Why Roxot
Protecting publishers' position on the ad market is a goal we can't achieve without strong relationships with our demand partners. Quality service, transparency, and trust are keys to make these relationships mutually beneficial. Representing the sell-side, we'll make sure you are connected with the quality supply that maximizes your ROI.
Direct relationships with publishers
As we have direct relationships with publishers, you get quality inventory without losing money on countless intermediary fees.
No games. Only fair optimization
We use only hard price floors that are sent with initial ad request. Bids are not optimized after we receive them and sent directly to publisher's Prebid.js.
No hidden fees

Publishers pay for our services and technology that increases their website revenue. We promote transparency in the industry and do not charge any hidden fees.
Eliminating fraud

We are constantly working on eliminating ad fraud across both advertisers and publishers. For demand partners we offer full domain transparency & whitelisting so you can fully control the inventory they buy.

Our inventory

Inventory Size
We provide our demand partners with access to unique audiences from hundreds of small & medium sized premium publishers. Our inventory size is 25 billion monthly impressions and counting.
Top Geo's
We monetize impressions globally, with a presence in dozens of countries. However, most of our inventory comes from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, and Poland.
Devices & Ad Formats
We provide access to quality inventory across desktop, tablet, and the mobile web with desktop taking up to 85% of total inventory. We support all ad formats in compliance with IAB Display Advertising Creative Format Guidelines except Rich Media.
Contact us to partner
We are always looking for demand partners to connect our publishers with the best demand out there. Please, contact us directly by filling out the form below.
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