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Q4's started. Are you losing out on revenue?
The Q4 isn't just the busiest time of the year for digital publishers; it's also a gigantic opportunity to take advantage of the holiday season. As a publisher, you will enjoy increased ad rates across the web no matter how your ad stack is structured. But are you making the most of volatile programmatic markets?
Dynamic inventory pricing pushes buyers to their limits
News, entertainment, gaming, and other publishers are actively adopting Dynamic Inventory Pricing (Price Floor Optimization) for Google AdX to keep revenue flying high well into the new year.
"…This technology have been an integral part of achieving a higher lift on our advertising rates by upwards of 30%."
Ryan Thompson, CEO, Pub Labs Inc.
Programmatic market volatility
A dynamic inventory pricing system automatically sets optimal prices for audiences based on their behavior and the demand for their attention. The effectiveness is based on the programmatic market volatility — CPMs in Google AdX differ by 58% during the day.
How it works exactly
Roxot Revenue Lift, for example, uses machine learning to analyze RTB auctions and website visitors to predict optimal prices for a particular user or audience. The system works 24/7 and automatically updates prices in real time to reflect the market demand.

As a result, you would get 20%-30% more ad revenue by quickly adapting to the differences in CPMs during the Holiday Season.
QuizzStar generates 40% more AdX revenue
One of the biggest and fast-growing online quizzes website implemented Roxot Revenue Lift two months before the Q4. QuizzStar attracts audiences using viral mechanisms. As a result, the publisher's user base is diversified - one pricing strategy is not effective for all inventory. Roxot Revenue Lift helps QuizzStar to find optimal pricing for different audiences and grow total revenue.

QuizzStar tried 2 different technology providers but Roxot showed the best overall effectiveness.
We tried multiple providers but the impact that Roxot technology had on our ad stack was truly the most powerful ever.
Average additional monthly AdX revenue
The maximum daily revenue uplift in AdX
Cosmopolitan improves revenue per ad request
Independent Media, a legendary Russian mass-media company that owns and operates such print and online brands as Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and Robb Report, faced a common for big publishers challenge - lack of opportunities to reach company's KPIs.
After the demotivating experience of manual price rules adjustments, Independent Media decided to partner with Roxot to automate their inventory pricing in Google AdExchange. Already during the first week of the Roxot Revenue Lift trial, the system managed to achieve a significant revenue uplift and dramatically improve revenue per ad request.
Roxot's automated pricing pushes AdX to its limits and I can be sure that we're as efficient as possible. Now we're much closer to reaching our ambitious revenue goals!"
Kapitanova Anastasia, Head of Programmatic & Data at Independent Media
Additional AdX revenue
Roxot Revenue Lift managed to achieve a significant revenue uplift and dramatically improve revenue per ad request.
Uplift in Total Revenue
Some of the unfilled by AdX impressions were monetized by other demand sources in the stack
Reduced manual work
Roxot Revenue Lift saved hours for Independent Media's programmatic team as it doesn't require any maintenance from a publisher's side.
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