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Effortless header bidding management with AI-driven optimization

Demand agnostic Prebid-As-a-Service solution

Roxot Header Bidding Manager allows you to set up, update, analyze, test, and optimize your header bidding without editing the code or waiting for site releases.
Increase your speed & agility
Make immediate changes to your header bidding setup from a single UI without waiting for developers.
Dive into details
Roxot Header Bidding Manager features one of the best analytics tools on the market to provide you with clean data about every auction on your website.
Put your mind at ease
Get access to Roxot proprietary AI technology that automatically finds and sets optimal header bidding setup for every website visitor.
See what's in it for you
Set up and update your header bidding in minutes
Use a single UI to set up header bidding from scratch, add or remove bidders, change timeout settings, and make bid adjustments.
Generate more revenue with AI-based performance & supply path optimization
Allow Roxot AI technology to find an optimal setup (bidders, timeouts, price floors, bid adjustments) for every user based on their behavior to improve programmatic yield.
See how header bidding affects your entire ad stack
Unify data from your header bidding and Google Ad Manager to analyze how your setup changes affect Google AdX and other demand sources.
Combine session-level & monetization data
Get access to in-depth information about how much ad revenue every user generates you and how ads affect their behavior.
Improve your page load speed
Test how different timeout and bidder settings affect your page load time and identify the fastest configuration.
Run custom A/B tests
Test different setups and layouts to improve your programmatic revenue.
Use your own SSP seats in demand-agnostic environment
You're welcome to use your own demand partner accounts without unnecessary intermediaries.
Track top-performing URLs and UTM tags
Go beyond AdOps and get full visibility into what pages, content types, and traffic sources generate you the most revenue.

Start managing your header bidding without dev work today

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