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Ad performance monitoring without the noise

Real-time visualization of DFP events and key ad performance metrics tracking for the last 24 hours
The difference is between flying blind and not flying blind
With real-time DFP data presented in the easy-to-understand way, you can quickly access both the big picture of all your revenue sources performance and the narrow view of how each placement performs.
Save up to 10% of revenue
You may lose up to 10% of monthly revenue due to broken ad units, ad network issues, and human errors. Now you can quickly identify and react to unexpected impressions or revenue drops
Track effect of your setup changes
Track how your recent changes such as setting a new ad unit or passback tag, implementing an SSP, or updating the website layout affect the ad performance.
Essential features to streamline your daily work
Track events as they happen
Roxot Ad Server Monitoring visualizes your DFP events for the last 24 hours in real time. With data updating every 5 minutes, you don't have to wait days for the stats to appear.
Every channel you sell your inventory through
Roxot Ad Server Monitoring connects directly to DFP and reports on all of your revenue sources including direct campaigns, programmatic partners, and native advertising platforms.
Metrics that are not directly available in DFP
Besides Impressions, Revenue, and eCPM, the tool visualizes Requests, Request CPM, and Fill Rate which are not available directly in DFP.
Segmentation by DFP placements
Ad Server Monitoring utilizes DFP placements to segment events. Thus, you can group your ad units into different placements and track specific pages, sites, subdomains, etc.
Request a demo
Request a Roxot Ad Server Monitoring demo and let one of our Publisher Relationship Managers walk you through the product