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Our clients love our products
Marco Samuel
Director of Programmatic at Insticator
The issue with managing a programmatic stack is having to deal with many different sources of data, each SSP has their own UI from which to pull information, so being able to see and compare values for multiple SSP in the same place is incredibly valuable as it can tell us which partners are performing best on which sites. This then allows us to either optimize towards best performing partners or reach out to worse performing partners to request changes.

The real time data coming from the analytics tool is a significant help when on-boarding new sites, as it allows us to ensure each individual partner is seeing relevant requests and bidding on the inventory in real time rather than having to wait for the next reporting day. This allows us to go live with a partner with more confidence and faster than before.
We use the timeout analysis tool to identify partners that weren't driving any value on individual publisher sites and removing them, this allowed us to lower the time out on those sites and see better performance as fill rate increased as a result.

Jan van der Crabben
We've been using Roxot's Prebid Analytics from the very beginning when it was first launched. It's become a key part of our analytics toolset: We use it to monitor revenue and discrepancies for each of our partners. It has also enabled us to understand each of our partners' performance per device category and geo, which we have used to optimize which partners we call for the auction depending on the variables of each impression.

Additionally, we've used Roxot Data Hub to understand discrepancies, which we used to adjust bids of each of our partners based on their actual performance. Highly recommended!
Bodhi Short
President at Cordless Media
It's great that there are so many demand partners these days to help increase revenue. However, every new partner is a new system that internally slows down the process and fragments reporting. So when you are trying to manage yield it makes it very difficult to get a full picture of who your best partners are and where it's best to allocate your inventory. Thanks to Roxot collecting & analyzing data became the most efficient part of our day. It gives us all the time to build new products, speak to customers, and find new problems to build solutions for, rather than making sure there are no lurking catastrophes.
Evgeniy Volnov
Media Director at
Collecting and analyzing ad performance data always consumed too much of our time. We build reports daily. So it took two hours of our teammate's time each day... And, of course, we were not able to visualize the data and present it in an easy-to-understand way on our own. So Roxot Data Hub saved us the enormous amount of time that we can now invest in other important tasks. Also, now we are able to see the big picture of our programmatic selling that helps us make the correct business decisions faster.
Genie Amai
Media Technologies & Inventory Monetizaton Manager at Tech Media
I had been using Roxot's AdX Monitoring for a week when I noticed the 40% drop in revenue of one of my most well-known programmatic channels. To troubleshoot similar (but less drastic) drops usually takes me about two workdays of pulling dozens of excel reports to identify the cause... With AdX Monitoring, I managed to quickly identify that one of my ad units broke and its fill rate dropped to almost 0%. So I sent required fixes to deploy in a couple of hours after the problem occurred. Besides, I was able to track how my changes affected the performance in real time!
Vladimir Petrunyaka
Head of AdTech at
I find Roxot Data Hub to be the most useful product for our company out of all Roxot products. When we are doing dynamic monetization and test performance of different price floors, we have to combine data from 2-3 systems. Besides common issues such as the inconsistencies between ad tags inside different platforms (e.g. there're 3 ad tags for one ad unit in one SSP and 1 ad tag for the same ad unit in another SSP), we face more complex challenges when some inventory is sold to an SSP for the fixed CPM but it partially comes back and is sold to other demand sources. Manually format excel files is too tedious. Roxot Data Hub allows us to map all ad tags once so we can analyze results without doing monkey job later. And, of course, Roxot visualizes data beautifully: graphs, bar charts to show the revenue by demand sources, comparisons of this week and the previous one.
Francesco Di Cataldo
CEO at
Roxot allows us to understand how the delivery is going, we have some discrepancies, but it was very hard to find where was the issue. Also, based on on the data from Prebid Analytics we changed the timeout of the bidding.
Sergey Ponkin
Director of AdTech at TV Rain
I was testing Roxot Ad Server Monitoring and Roxot AdX Monitroing back in January. The tools are awesome! But I'd consider them mostly as an addition to Roxot Data Hub. These products together allow us to collect data from external sellers and SSPs in one place, build revenue reports across the system, export them, and quickly analyse the performance of our inventory selling strategy. All in all I recommend Roxot to any one who needs similar tools!