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Our solutions maximize your website revenue
Roxot develops technology solutions for data-driven optimization of your ad stack. Our products help publishers get the full picture of their ad stack performance, avoid revenue slipping through the cracks,
and quickly adapt to fluid market conditions.
Publishers are the priority
Complete Visibility into Performance
Our products connect your ad server, 3rd-party, and client-side data to provide you with actionable insights into what's getting the most revenue, how discrepancy affects your bottom line, which visitors to attract, and more.
Transparent Pricing
We promote transparency in the industry and keep our pricing as straight-forward as possible.
Official Partner of Prebid.js
We are an official partner of Prebid.js - one of the most popular header bidding frameworks. Our products help prebid.js users successfully optimize their header bidding setup and maximize website revenue.
Responsive Support
Our Publisher Relationship Managers are always ready to answer your questions. We are also active on (u/roxot_team) and (@roxot_team). Feel free to contact us there too.
Roxot Data Hub
Aggregate data from all of your demand partners and DFP, match 3rd-party tags with your sites/ad units/orders/etc., analyze pre-build reports, manage discrepancy, and export data to excel. Learn more about Roxot Data Hub here.
Top Header Bidding Partners Performance Report
AppNexus, Rubicon, & Index Exchange are the top revenue-generating demand partners
The research is intended to be the reference for publishers so they can adjust their business strategy based on the real industry data, trends, and adoption patterns.
Prebid Analytics by Roxot
With Prebid Analytcis by Roxot, you get actionable analytics that make your monetization strategy and ad stack optimization transparent. Sign up for Prebid Analytics by Roxot to monitor your header bidding performance.
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