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Roxot unifies products that allow publishers to collect, process, and act on the most valuable data for both programmatic and direct setups.
A centralized analytics and reporting platform for your ad stack: direct campaigns, AdX, AdSense, header bidding partners, native advertising platforms, etc. The tool provides you with unified statistics that are easy to compare and understand. Learn more about Roxot Data Hub here.
A header bidding analytics tool for in-depth bidder performance analysis, latency optimization, and real-time QA. It allows you to uncover issues with Prebid.js setup and gain insights into increasing website's revenue with header bidding.
Learn more about Roxot Prebid Analytics.

A tool to monitor ads performance in real time that helps identify unexpected issues quickly enough to avoid serious effect on your bottom line and track effect of your setup changes.
Learn more about Roxot Ad Server Monitoring.

A tool to monitor Google AdX performance in real time that helps identify unexpected revenue drops and track effects of new and existing AdX Rules.
Learn more about Roxot AdX Monitoring.

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Top Header Bidding Partners Report
AppNexus, Rubicon, & Index Exchange are the top revenue-generating demand partners
The research is intended to be the reference for publishers so they can adjust their business strategy based on the real industry data, trends, and adoption patterns.
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