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January 09, 2018

Introducing Roxot Single Sign-On

By introducing Roxot Single Sign-On, we are finalizing our transition to a technology platform that unifies tools publishers need to make informed decisions & unlock their full potential in digital media monetization. Learn more
october 03, 2017

Introducing User Management & Permissions in Prebid Analytics

We are excited to announce the new User Management and Permissions feature in Prebid Analytics by Roxot! As of today, you will be able to register new users and manage their permissions for accessing your sites. Learn more
august 02, 2017

Track Your Header Bidding Revenue by UTM Tags with Prebid Analytics

Prebid Analytics is the first tool to connect traffic sources with your header bidding performance so you can calculate ROI of different traffic sources and make data-driven decisions on what sources to continue investing in. Learn more
July 31, 2017

Roxot Closing Its SSP Business To Concentrate on Technology Solutions

A bittersweet moment here at Roxot. We are closing our SSP business to concentrate on what we're good at - developing great technology solutions for publishers: Prebid Analytics and Dynamic Prebid Floors. Learn more
July 19, 2017

Prebid Analytics now fully supports Prebid Server

Besides "s2s" label and complete statistics, you are getting opportunities to conduct client side vs Prebid Server tests. Find out:
- how moving demand partners to Prebid Server affects latency
- how the optimal combination of client-side and server side partners looks like
- how bidder's performance changes after moving it to Prebid Server

June 23, 2017

Announcing New Real-Time Dashboard

Prebid Analytic's brand-new Real-time Dashboard allows you to monitor activity as it happens on your site/s. The data is updated continuously and each event is reported seconds after it occurs. The dashboard shows you how Requests, Impressions, eCPM and Revenue change in real time. Learn more
may 30, 2017

Publisher's Data Protection in Prebid Analytics

We have never nor are planning to share data or use it to gain an unfair advantage for our main business. However, we've now realized that we didn't communicate that clearly enough.

Today we changed our Terms of Service to officially state that we will not use your data without your permission in any way besides providing you the service you ask for. Read more.
may 25, 2017

Prebid Analytics now uses adjusted bids

We take now adjusted bids (bids after bidCpmAdjustment) instead of response bids. The data is more accurate and consistent now: the system reports on NET bids; bid prices, win prices, and CPMs are in the same currency as your DFP account uses.
April 27, 2017

Prebid Analytics by Roxot now available on

Prebid Analytics by Roxot adapter now available on with prebid.js v0.22.2. Find it under the Analytics Adapters section.
December 6, 2016

Protecting publishers and their website visitors from low-quality ads

We now process detailed information about advertisers and their creatives. This data has no direct influence on ad auctions; however, our publishers can now block specific advertisers, their campaigns, and/or ads. We'll create and maintain a blacklist of advertisers to protect publishers and their visitors from low-quality ads. Parameters we process: iurl - direct link to an ad; cid - advertiser's campaign id; crid - advertiser's ad id.
December 1, 2016

We now support different formats of "sizes" parameter in prebid.js

We released a new version of our RTB project. This was a release with some changes in our system to help us serve you better. The main new feature - support of different formats of "sizes" parameter. Publishers can now use both "sizes: [[300,250]]" and "sizes: [300,250]". It allows us to process more of your ad requests without additional work from your side!
We are an official partner of prebid.js now
We are an official partner of perbid.js, one of the most popular header bidding frameworks. Download prebid.js with our adaptor here.

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