You Data is Protected with Prebid Analytics by Roxot
Since product launch, we've received many questions about data protection in our Prebid Analytics. We have never nor are planning to share data or use it to gain an unfair advantage for our main business. However, we've now realized that we didn't communicate that clearly enough.

Today we changed our Terms of Service to officially state that we will not use your data without your permission in any way besides providing you the service you ask for.

In legal language it sounds like that:
"Other than expressly set forth in these Terms, we will not use, share or disclose Your Data or any de-identified data derived from Your Data, without your prior written consent. For the avoidance of any doubt, we will not derive any commercial benefit, whether direct or indirect, from Your Data or de-identified data derived from Your Data, except to the extent permitted under these Terms or if such benefit may be derived in accordance with a separate written agreement between the Company and you."

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