How Prebid Analytics New Pricing Works
1 million requests
Prebid Analytics pricing is based on the volume of requests processed. Requests are the number of ad auctions conducted on all of your sites. If there are 3 ad units on a page, each ad unit counts as a separate auction, meaning 3 requests were made with a page view. Subscription cycle is a month. We will email you an invoice with a number of processed requests and your final monthly fee at the end of each month.
How Much I Would Pay For Prebid Analytics
For existing users
Go to Statistics, choose the custom range from July 1 to July 31, scroll down to Metrics, check Site Request, and click Load. You will get the number of requests we processed for you in July. Divide the number by 1 million and multiply by $10. That's how much you would pay for Prebid Analytics in July.

26 782 016/1 000 000 * $10 = $267.8
For new users
Multiple the approximate number of monthly page views across all of your properties by your average number of ad units on a page, divide the result by 1 million and multiply by $10.

Monthly Page Views * Ad Units on a Page/1 000 000 * $10
Getting started
Request a demo and one of our Publisher Relationship Managers will give you access to Prebid Analytics and walk you through the product.