Roxot Closing Its SSP Business To Concentrate on Technology Solutions
A bittersweet moment here at Roxot. We are closing our SSP business to concentrate on what we're good at - developing great technology solutions for publishers: Prebid Analytics and Dynamic Prebid Floors.

Building an SSP has never been our goal but it looked like an optimal way to implement our price floor technology. However, it quickly became a heavy burden. Shady demand providers, the hassle of managing dozens of partners, high infrastructure costs, and other issues associated with running an SSP have been wasting our resources and moving our team further away from our mission for the last year.

The success of Prebid Analytics reminds us of who we are as a company and that makes the decision easy - good bye, SSP! We want to continue to develop great products, improve existing solutions, and provide more value to the prebid community.

As our business model is changing, so must our products.

Prebid Analytics will become a paid product with pricing to be based on the volume of requests. We will charge $10 per 1 million requests. Quality is our primary focus - Prebid Analytics is already faster and more accurate than yesterday.

Also, we're adapting our price floor technology to the client-side environment and will be launching Dynamic Prebid Floors as a standalone product that will work with publisher's existing demand partners inside prebid.js.

Stay tuned!