Send data to Prebid Analytics only from specific ad units
With Prebid Analytics being a paid product with pricing based on requests, you might be looking for ways to cut your costs without compromising value you get from header bidding data. Now you can send data only from specific ad units to optimize your request flow and to make Prebid Analytics more cost-effective.
To start sending data only from specific ad units:
1. Build a prebid.js v1.15.0 with Roxot Prebid Analytics adapter and implement it on your site. You can do it manually from the official Prebid repository on GitHub.
2. Specify ad units you want to send requests from using adUnits parameter in the prebid analytics config on your site/s
        provider: 'roxot',
        options: {
            publisherIds: ['PUBLISHER_ID'],
            adUnits: ['div-1', 'div-2', ...]
Getting started
Request a demo and one of our Publisher Relationship Managers will give you access to Prebid Analytics and walk you through the product.