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Track Your Header Bidding Revenue by UTM Tags with Prebid Analytics
Prebid Analytics is the first tool to connect traffic sources with your header bidding performance so you can calculate ROI of different traffic sources and make data-driven decisions on what sources to continue investing in. Track Revenue, Impressions, and eCPM by UTM tags using our new widget 'UTM Performance' on your Site Dashboard.
To start using UTM tracking implement a new prebid.js with our updated analytics adapter to your site/s:
  • Go to Settings > Installation > Build New Prebid.js
  • Select the header bidding partners you already work with
  • Click Build new Prebid.js
  • You will get your new prebid.js via email. Download it and implement on your site.
After your prebid.js is updated, Prebid Analytics will start tracking Revenue, Impressions, and eCPM by UTM tags.
Getting started
Request a demo and one of our Publisher Relationship Managers will give you access to Prebid Analytics and walk you through the product.