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Publisher eCPM by Country Report

July - August 2018

eCPM Report Sample & Methodology

The report is based on the Roxot Prebid Analytics data from publishers who agreed to participate in the research.
We analyzed 2 billion impressions on 482 websites from July 10th to August 9th, 2018.
Please, mind that the report is based ONLY on the Roxot Prebid Analytics users data and might be biased to some of the countries. eCPMs in the report might not reflect the true eCPMs in the countries mentioned below. However, we took measures to prevent any deviations:
  • Reduced data contribution of the sites with total revenue share higher than 20%
  • Excluded countries with less than 1 million desktop impressions and 1 million mobile impressions
  • Converted all currencies to USD
  • Counted only winning bid prices before bid adjustments

eCPM by Country and Device

eCPM by Country Conclusion

The eCPM report by country should be considered as a general reference. We do not recommend to use eCPM alone for pricing your inventory. Use eCPM in combination with Fill Rate, Revenue per Request, and Revenue per Session to set price floors for different segments of your site/s.

Conduct the analysis of these metrics and adjust your pricing at least daily to increase your programmatic revenue. Otherwise, consider implementing a dynamic inventory pricing technology like Roxot Revenue Lift. The system prevents Google AdExchange from buying your inventory too cheap. The tool works inside your ad server and uses machine learning to set up minimal allowed prices in real time.

The results are 12% - 35% of additional revenue. For more information fill out the form below.