GoGy Games found the only vendor who improved their performance with automated AdX price floors

Case study
"Roxot is the only company that was able to deliver great results. We highly recommend AdX publishers to use their service or at least start a trial to test the performance."
- Tal Hen, CEO, GoGy Games
About GoGy Games
GoGy Games is an online games website for kids and girls. The website features more than 2,000 games and receives users from all over the world.
GoGy Games team runs Google AdX and header bidding via prebid.js with 3 tier-1 SSPs to sell their inventory. The main challenge was to increase overall revenue and CPMs without adding more demand partners or damaging UX.
GoGy Games team was looking for a solution to adjust Floor Prices in AdX automatically. They tried multiple services but only Roxot delivered improvements. That's why they decided to continue this great relationship.

Now, GoGy Games enjoys 38% of additional revenue in Google AdX.

Results of automated AdX pricing rules

Average additional monthly AdX revenue
The maximum daily revenue uplift in AdX
"Our partnership with Roxot was a very surprising one - they are the only company who were able to deliver great results, and great guys with whom you can speak, ask, and discuss on any subject and issue you have."
- Tal Hen, CEO, GoGy Games

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