How Independent Media pushes Google AdX to its limits with dynamic price floors

"Roxot Revenue Lift is a lifesaver for us! We work in the environment where it's really hard to make our demand sources compete for every impression. Roxot's automated pricing pushes AdX to its limits and I can be sure that we're as efficient as possible. Now we're much closer to reaching our ambitious revenue goals!"
— Kapitanova Anastasia, Head of Programmatic & Data at Independent Media
About Independent Media
Established in 1992, Independent Media is a legendary Russian mass-media company that owns and operates such print and online brands as Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Harper's Bazaar, Goodhouse Keeping, Popular Mechanics, Grazia, and Robb Report. Independent Media's innovative approach to digital media has greatly affected Russian publishing industry.
In the pursuit of reaching company's KPIs, the programmatic team has examined the variety of opportunities to grow advertising revenue, from adding new demand to testing different media formats. After an in-depth analysis of Google AdExchange performance, a demand source that significantly contributes to the total revenue, the team realized their inventory is often undervalued. Making AdX perform more efficiently could improve Independent Media's programmatic revenue up to 30%. Thus, the team decided to manually manage AdX price floors to maximize earnings.
However, the task required constant analysis of the performance and tedious adjustments of AdX pricing rules to adapt to market conditions — an unacceptable amount of work for a relatively small team.
After the demotivating experience of manual price rules adjustments, Independent Media decided to partner with Roxot to automate their price floors in Google AdExchange. During the first week of the Roxot Revenue Lift trial, the system managed to achieve a significant revenue uplift and dramatically improve revenue per ad request.

Moreover, some of the unfilled by AdX impressions were monetized by other demand sources in the stack. As a result, Independent Media is now enjoying the holistic revenue uplift across their entire programmatic ad stack without wasting hours on manual work.

Results of dynamic AdX price floors

Additional AdX revenue
Roxot Revenue Lift managed to achieve a significant revenue uplift and dramatically improve revenue per ad request.
Uplift in Total Revenue
Some of the unfilled by AdX impressions were monetized by other demand sources in the stack
Reduced manual work
Roxot Revenue Lift saved hours for Independent Media's programmatic team as it doesn't require any maintenance from a publisher's side.

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