"With Roxot Prebid Analytics, we made tons of optimizations: tested new partners, implemented lazy loading, etc… It’s conservative to say these improvements generated us 30% revenue uplift."

Case study
About Liftable Media
Founded in 2014, Liftable Media is now a top digital media network in the United States. Founded by CEO Patrick Brown, and now carried on by an incredible team of over 70 individuals, Liftable Media is seeking to make a positive impact through media of all forms.

Liftable Media's flagship media property is The Western Journal, a news site with stories that matter to everyday Americans, staffed by experienced journalists and editors.

Liftable Media's team has extensive knowledge of the programmatic advertising landscape and was one of the early adopters of Header Bidding via prebid.js. However, they had very little insight into their Header Bidding performance due to the natural complexities of the technology.

"We were flying blind with making optimizations and taking a ton of time to try and troubleshoot issues with little success. We were certain that our header bidding was broken but didn't know how to fix or optimize the issues." - Valerie Weldon, Yield Optimization Lead at Liftable Media.

After a week, we started to realize how many opportunities there were to generate additional revenue.
Liftable Media adopted Roxot Prebid Analytics - a tool that takes tedious reporting & analytics tasks off publisher's plate so they have more time to work on direct improvements of their ad stack.

After plugging in the solution, Liftable Media's team was able to see data coming in within an hour. After a week, they started to realize how many opportunities there were to generate additional revenue and work with their partners for better performance.

Using Prebid Analytics, Liftable Media made tons of Header Bidding optimizations: tested new timeout rates, tested new partners, removed ineffective partners, troubleshooted ad units, implemented lazy loading, and many more. These improvements generated at least 30% of revenue uplift for the company. "Our CPMs were previously trending below average and are now well above." - says Valerie.

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