How Pub Labs achieved 41% of additional revenue with dynamic Google AdX price optimization

"… Roxot's team and technology have been an integral part of achieving a higher lift on our advertising rates by upwards of 30%. Their continued success within our network undoubtedly proves them to be a leader in this growing space…"
- Ryan Thompson, CEO, Pub Labs Inc.
About Pub Labs
Pub Labs Inc. is a content-focused Canadian media company. Besides providing Ad Ops professionals and Editorial teams with content management software, Pub Labs owns and operates multiple websites that deliver thought-provoking and engaging articles, videos, quizzes, and news prepared to spark new conversations and add to current conversations around important life topics.
Pub Labs monetizes their inventory with Google AdSense, Google AdExchange, and 4 SSPs in a header bidding wrapper. Historically, AdSense was a top revenue-generation demand source. However, Pub Labs couldn’t scale their ad monetization as AdSense lacked optimization options and reporting capabilities. The team tried to substitute AdSense with AdX but the experiment failed — AdX was still underperforming.
Pub Labs implemented Roxot's dynamic inventory pricing system for Google AdExchange to grow their ad revenue. The system automatically sets optimal prices for publisher's audiences.

After the first month of Roxot Revenue Lift trial, Pub Labs managed to outperform AdSense and grow AdX revenue by 41%. The results allowed Pub Labs to switch most of the ad units to Google AdX without any risks. Besides growing overall revenue with dynamic inventory pricing, the team got an opportunity to continue scaling their ad monetization with additional AdX features.

Results of dynamic AdX price optimization

Average additional monthly AdX revenue
The maximum daily revenue uplift in AdX

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