"Computation is a job for machines" - How YorMedia grew programmatic revenue and increased competition across demand sources

Case study
About YorMedia
YorMedia is a UK-based media company operated by industry professionals with a heritage of building wonderful publisher sites. The company runs ad monetization for network of websites including,,,,,,,, and more.
YorMedia's team has extensive knowledge of the programmatic advertising landscape and yield management techniques that drive website revenue. For instance, YorMedia were actively managing Google AdExchange price floors to make sure their inventory is being sold for optimal prices - prices that balance high CPMs and Fill Rate.

However, the team were spending too much time tackling mega-spreadsheets, pushing data into IBM Watson and making incremental tweaks to their floor pricing structure on a weekly basis.

"We believe that computation is a job for machines. No human, not even Rain man, can keep up!" says Nik Keene, Head of Monetisation at YorMedia.

"There is also the fact that in a programmatic ecosystem the permutations quickly mount up. We all know about the three devices with differing pricing brackets, 195 countries, peak times within a day, buying lulls within a day as well as weekly and monthly trend patterns to confront. How can a human contend with all of these parameters in real time?" adds Nik.

It [Roxot Revenue Lift] created further competition within the stack and secondly made for better fill in some less pampered areas within our inventory.
YorMedia adopted Roxot Revenue Lift - a dynamic price floor optimisation solution for Google Ad manager. Now the team has a live real-time system making constant changes, watching for micro-patterns, trialling its own optimisation theories and pushing successful ones to the forefront.

While Roxot takes care of YorMedia's inventory price management, the team now spends more time reaching out to both our demand partners, and in turn, our clients as we have more time to collaborate with these obviously key, and often under attended, pieces of the puzzle. In this way they've freed up time that was spent performing mechanical and repetitive tasks and reallocated it to genuinely creative, insightful and stimulating work.

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