Introducing Roxot Single Sign-On

By introducing Roxot Single Sign-On, we are finalizing our transition to a technology platform that unifies tools publishers need to make informed decisions & unlock their full potential in digital media monetization.
The benefits of Roxot Single Sign-On
The central authentication point limits the possibility of phishing.
User Experience
Move between Roxot products securely and uninterrupted without specifying their credentials each time
User Management
Enhanced account & user management with ability to grant access to specific tools and sites
Roxot unifies tools that help publishers collect, process, and act on the most valuable data
A centralized analytics and reporting platform for your ad stack: direct campaigns, AdX, AdSense, header bidding partners, native advertising platforms, etc. The tool provides you with unified statistics that are easy to compare and understand. Learn more.
A header bidding analytics tool for in-depth bidder performance analysis, latency optimization, and real-time QA. It allows you to uncover issues with Prebid.js setup and gain insights into increasing website's revenue with header bidding. Learn more.
A tool to monitor ads performance in real time that helps identify unexpected issues quickly enough to avoid serious effect on your bottom line and track effect of your setup changes.
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